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European Cars, Specs and Tuning

About this website

Hi, and welcome to my About page! On this page, I will go into detail about the purpose of this website, and introduce myself a little bit more!
My name is Matt Jackson. I live in Orem Utah, I enjoy Web Development and spending time with my wife.
I lived in France and Switzerland for two years, and while I was over there I was able to see a lot of different beautiful European cars. Though I was not over there to study the cars, I was facinated by them, and was intregued by European engineering.
I decided to make this website to showcase my favorite car brands and cars, and also show some pictures of the differnt bodywork and tuning options that these cars have. Here is a list of things I will go over on this site.

European Car Brands

Here is a list of the different brands that will be included with this site.

  1. BMW
  2. Audi
  3. Aston Martin
  4. Jaguar
  5. Other outstanding European cars.

Different Car Options

Along with pictures and specs of these cars, I will be going over a few more things that you can do to make these European cars really stand out!
These topics will include things such as:

*See below for the definitions of these terms

More About my Favorite Cars

I like a lot of different European cars, though my favorites seem to sway between BMW and Audi.
Audi is an incredible brand with powerful cars, though BMW is challenging the car technology industry with their new hybrid i series.
My favorite cars right now are currently the BMW i8, and I also like the BMW z4 roadster.
They both amazing cars and work great for daily drivers.

Definiton of the Customization Topics

Here I will explain the definitions of some of the terms used from the customization list.

Exterior Tuning Kits
Exterior tuning kits are often made by third party companies.
You can buy the kit for your car, and then replace some of the exterior pieces such as the doors or bumper, to make it look more personalized and agressive.
Vinyl Wrapping
Vinyl wrapping is a new alternative to repainting a car.
There is a large array of colors and styles of vinyl that you can choose from.
You simply make your choice, and then lay the vinyl down on top of the paint.
Doing this is quick, and cheaper than paint. You can also take the vinyl off and revert the car back to its normal color afterwards.
Interior Tuning
Interior tuning is similar to exterior tuning.
Interior tuning means you buy crafted replacement parts for the inside of the car.
This often means a new steering wheel, a new dashboard or new custom seat covers.